Our French Glacé Cherries experts

From 2010 to 2013, we have teamed up with various professional bakers and chefs to spread the word about French Glacé Cherries. They created inventive and exciting recipes, showing that our product can be used for much more than just decoration.

Yolande Stanley


Yolande spent 16 years as Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at Thames Valley University (TVU) teaching patisserie to full-time and part-time Degree students. Since July 2010 Yolande has been working as a freelance lecturer in patisserie colleges – most notably Westminster Kingsway College, as well as some private schools.

Yolande gained the prestigious Master of Culinary Arts Pastry (MCA) in 2000; (there are currently only four pastry chefs in the UK who have earned this accolade).
This involves arduous tests of skills and happens every 4 years, run by and accredited by the Academy of Culinary Arts.

In 2011, Yolande developed four innovative recipes using French Glacé Cherries as part of our campaign to demonstrate that French Glacé Cherries are not just for decoration, but can hold their own as a main ingredient too.

Discover Yolande’s recipes
Anthony Kindred

Master Baker

Anthony Kindred studied at the National Bakery School, specialising in “Bread and Flour Confectionary”. He is the owner of the Kindred Bakery in London, a pioneering bakery brand established nearly 400 years ago which maintains a unique reputation for quality and product innovation to this day. It is also one of only 620 bakeries in England to produce only handmade bread from recipes dating as far back as 1620.

Anthony has given numerous demonstrations in partnership with Youtube channel “Grainchain”, for various events, and he is also a member of the National Association of Master Bakers.

In 2013, Anthony teamed up with French Glacé Cherries to devise six exciting new recipes for independent bakers. These recipes will be used throughout the year to demonstrate the incredible quality and versatility of French Glacé Cherries.


Discover Anthony’s recipes
Jennifer Joyce


Jennifer’s work is all about creating mouth-watering dishes and then bringing them to life in photographs. For the past ten years she has been writing recipes and styling food for top UK magazines. Currently she contributes to BBC Good Food, Olive, M&S magazineand Tesco Real Food. Both sides of her work convey her love for vibrant food with bold clean tastes. Thus far she’s written nine cookbooks and collectively they have sold over 200,000 copies in the UK, North America, Australia and Europe. Ranging from entertaining meals to salads, they exude the fresh ethnic flavours she’s learned from travelling in far flung places. She also runs weekly cooking courses at Divertimenti & Leith’s Cooking School in London.


Cindy Robert


Pastry chef and food blogger Cindy Robert started her blog Food For Thoughts in 2011. It started off through wanting to share the ins and outs of an exciting and unusual project with her friends: she was involved in a baking project with The London Wildlife Trust at the House of Commons!  From there, her blog Food for Thoughts took off and today she shares recipes, tips and reviews of coffee shops and restaurants from both London and South Korea, a country she’s passionate about.
In February 2012, Cindy took a leap of faith and started her very own Catering and Pâtisserie business, Petit Gâteau, where she specialises in French and Japanese pâtisserie.
Working for corporate and brand events (Reiss, Monsieur London, Boulle International, …) but also for private clients, she enjoys sharing her passion for cuisine and her interest in Asian cultures. She was part of the line-up of “Matsuri in London”, a Japanese foodie festival organised in July 2013 with Chef Tim Anderson. She also writes a monthly column in the French magazine for expats in London, Ici Londres.
Cindy runs cooking classes, and is currently working with Korean companies to develop new exciting baked products for the Korean market.