French glacé cherries masterclasses

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Following on from our success earlier this year, the trade organisation promoting French Glacé Cherries, ANIBI, is holding further French Glacé Cherry masterclasses this spring.


Anthony Kindred, from Kindred Bakery

Master Baker Anthony Kindred from Kindred Bakery and The National Association of Master Bakers, will hold the masterclasses in a number of UK baking colleges this Spring to demonstrate just how versatile this quality product is.  Baking up a number of recipes that he himself developed, Anthony will provide practical tips for using French Glacé Cherries and encourage students to experiment with using the product as a main ingredient, rather than just for decoration.

The new series of masterclasses will take place between April and May 2013 and will see Anthony visit baking colleges around the UK, including Tameside and London Southbank University




At South Bank University, London


At Tameside College, Manchester



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