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French Glacé Cherry Personality Test

French glacé cherries can be used to add texture and flavour to many savoury and sweet dishes. Whether you are looking to experiment with new recipes or give a twist to all-time favourite puddings, French glacé cherries are the perfect ingredient.
But which one of our recipes are made for you?
Take our interactive French Glacé Cherry Test - and we'll offer you a selection of recipes that are just right for your personality!

  • 1

    Your favourite part of an perfect afternoon tea is:

  • 2

    Your dream kitchen would be:

  • 3

    Your idea of the perfect cup of tea is:

  • 4

    Your other half has invited some very important work colleagues around for dinner - and you know you will not have time to cook a complete three course meal. Do you:

  • 5

    You're determined to get onto next season's 'Great British Bake Off' and you want to impress the judges - but what's your idea of a signature bake:

  • 6

    You have just been given some delicious French glacé cherries. The first idea that comes to your mind to use them is:

  • 7

    You're stuck on a desert island and you are only allowed to take one type of food with you to survive off for the next year. What would you take?

  • 8

    This year you're making a traditional Christmas pudding but you've lost your recipe. Do you: